Personal Statement : Biomedical Informatics

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My academic interest is geared towards pursuing a master degree in the field of biomedical informatics with a view to becoming a problem solver and a major contributor to new discoveries in the field. I would like to pursue a career in research, development and teaching of methodologies, processes and tools that improve the efficiency and effectiveness of information flow as well as usage in the healthcare setting. I would like the output of my work and research to have significant influence towards improving patient care outcomes whilst reducing information costs in the entire healthcare system.
This keen interest in pursuing a master degree in biomedical informatics is borne out of a desire to acquire knowledge and from a number of experiences and encounters I had during the course of my upbringing, my medical training and practice as a doctor. They served as my earliest contact with health information issues as well as the major drive behind my interest in pursuing a master degree in biomedical informatics.
As a young doctor on call in one of the leading hospital in Nigeria, I had a patient, an 8 year old girl that presented with breathing difficulty accompanied with wheeze. The picture fitted so well into an acute asthmatic attack and we began management along that line. There was an initial improvement but this improvement wasn 't as expected and this made us probe further. The patient’s mother attested to the fact…
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