Personal Statement : Business Management

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There are many careers out there, but my chosen career is business management. I have always wanted to own my own business since I was a child. Owning a restaurant has always been a dream and a passion that I wish to accomplish. I know with the education that I am receiving now and with all of the skills that I have, I will be successful with owning or managing a business. When I get older I want to be able to provide for my family, and that gives me the motivation to strive to be fortune.
The education that I will need in able to become a business manager is at least an associated degree. It is not necessarily needed to have a degree and to go to college. But I want to do the best I can, so I am going to college for my associates degree. Throughout school, while I get my degree I will learn and also become better with accounting fundamentals, marketing, and business math. Also learning about how a business operates and business communications is a big part in being successful and owning the ultimate business.
Working in a restaurant and managing restaurants are the entry level jobs for my chosen career path. When you work at a restaurant it helps you advance your skills for owning a business. Some skills you learn while working in restaurant are learning how to multi-task.
There are many skills you need to master when owning a business, financial management is one of the biggest skills you need to obtain. Financial management is “The planning, directing, monitoring,
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