Personal Statement : Camping Trip

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As I held my hand up high, I looked down at my chest and could see the shine glimmering off of my new badge. I repeated the oath after my new chief of police, swearing to uphold the law, the Constitution, and to serve the public. As I said the oath, I looked beyond the chief of police and could see my parents and I thought about how just years prior we were homeless and now my accomplishment brought joy to my family. However, the joy from my new career would run out rather quickly. Before I knew it, I found out that my new career would not last very long as I was confronted with a department plagued by corruption.
I was ten years old when we left our home state. My father had recently been in two severe car accidents that had left him physically challenged. Not long after arriving in our new state, my parents left the apartment we had been staying in so we could go on an extended “camping trip”. The camping trip was last minute since we were evicted from where we had been staying. My parents were able to gather enough money together and we began to live out of various motels as the van my parents had was repossessed.
Oddly enough, there was one thing that held my attention and kept me away from getting into any trouble while homeless, and that was law enforcement. I dreamed of the day that I would become a police officer. I idolized law enforcement; I thought the uniform looked sharp and I whole heartily believed in the concepts of helping the innocent and holding
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