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Introduction Central Alberta Realtors Association is looking for a way to keep in contact with their realtors all through central Alberta. Emails are not the most effective way to get the messages out to their members. Through my research I have found a few options that would be a good fit for this problem and would be a easy to implement into the social media plans. Social Media The mission is to improve the internal communication with the members of the CARA team. There are many tools that will work for this mission. The first one is the Facebook group that will be set up as soon as possible, the group will be private that the public will not be able to join with out approval from the administrator of the group. This will help with the…show more content…
They are videos that are mainly for teaching videos and shows a white board and the writing that goes with the voice. There is able to add music and animations that will help get your message across. This program is easy to use and helps people remember the presentation. There is a monthly fee with this website GoToMeeting is another video streaming website that allows to stream videos and people are able to join the meeting. There are a features that are unique to this program, such as screen sharing. You are able to share what is on your screen with people who are not at the meeting. The website has good reviews and is easy use. People are just able to join the meeting, there is also an option of setting up schedule meetings or just have the meeting to one time. Skype is a video chat program that allows you to chat with people who have the program as well. This program easy to use and set up. There is the option of a video call or just an audio call. The program allows you to conference call with up to 25 people. It take a few minutes to download the program but works on PC and mac systems. People can send questions through the chat sections of the program. Infogram is a program that shows data in a effective way. This program would be help for when you are presenting different forms of data. This program lets you import data from just about anywhere and allows you to work with teams on a document. this program has fairly good

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