Personal Statement: Choosing A Positive Work Environment

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Apart from the job itself, a couple of things that motivate me the most are its positive work environment and the opportunity for my work to be displayed for and recognized by thousands of SFU students and staffs. The people at EHRS are a close-knit group who are always supportive, understanding, and truly appreciate and praise my hard work and contribution to the team which allows me to blend in quickly with the group and makes me feel eager to go back to work every day. They also put a huge trust in my expertise and often ask me to give advice and suggestions for their work which ultimately increase my confidence as a designer. On the other hand, the only downside of working at SFU EHRS is its commute time. Since its office is located in the downhill area of SFU Burnaby campus, I need to walk up and down through a foggy and rainy hill from the bus loop for about 7 minutes every day just to enter the building which makes me feel tired at times.…show more content…
Overall, it is a good place to start my first co-op term as I get to adapt to and experience working in an office environment for the first time and broaden my knowledge about the learning management system of
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