Personal Statement : Counseling And Therapy

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I realized that I want a career that will let me interact with people and keep my love for helping others. Counseling and Therapy is the profession designed for people who are intrigued by new challenges. It is aimed at new discoveries and never ending opportunities to serve society. These characteristics describe me. My endeavor in life is to help families with the full spectrum of diversity, and any other realm in which I am suited to help. There are many different reasons I want to earn my Certificate and Licensure in Marriage and Family Therapy. First and foremost I would like to gain the self-assurance and education needed to seek licensure and learn how to apply the best practices as a transformed driving force in the counseling profession. Secondly it will help me enhance the services my clients in my current workplace receive, I will be prepared to help those with marriage and family issues, criminal history/disabilities maximize their potential and overcome life obstacles as I will become a therapist in the near future, and lastly one step closer to my doctorate in Counseling Psychology, as I one day aspire to teach on the doctoral level and do extensive research.
My work experience has helped define my area of specialization. My special interests include anger management, family conflict, child and adolescent, relationship issues, depression, anxiety, behavioral issues, substance abuse, and coping skills. Currently I serve many individuals with various

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