Personal Statement : Critical Synthesis Paper

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Professor Whitney Fritz
Principles of Management / MHR 4420
11 May 2015

Critical Synthesis Paper

Today’s managers have a lot of tasks on their plate, even more so than managers of the past due to stricter rules and regulations imposed by the Federal Government, as well as the arduous amount of paperwork involved with documenting employees work habits and interactions be they good or bad. Ad on top of all this the need for annual or quarterly performance appraisals and daily supervision, it can make a manager feel overwhelmed, especially if they have employees who don’t seem to be overly motivated to do their jobs, or do them adequately. With this in mind, it is important to understand the motivational theories that make employees want to excel, management theories that we can use to better guide our employees, and their effect on leadership styles today. It is also important as well to understand how they relate to our personal lives, career enhancement opportunities, and ultimately and most importantly, our relationship with God. Motivational Theories are important to management today because employers and managers need to know what drives the employees to perform at their best, and why. As Hersey explains, “If we are to understand, predict, and influence behavior, we must know what our employees really want from their jobs. Only then can we appeal to their strongest motivations and increase the probability of meeting both professional and organizational goals”
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