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Dell Medical School 1. Please give examples that indicate your ability to function effectively, as a productive member of a team working towards a common objective. Discuss your role and contribution to those teams. Throughout my life, I have frequently been a part of a team. Whether it was in an athletic, academic, or employment sense, I have learned many life lessons and values solely because I was a part of these teams. Growing up, I was involved in countless team-based sports in which I had a number of roles. There were times when I had to step up and lead, and times where I had to learn to take a step back and follow. I learned that I was only a small part of the success that happens and that the ultimate goal of the team was…show more content…
I have already realized how important it is that the medical unit function as a team and work together so that the patient is given the best possible treatment. Another team experience came during my first year of undergraduate studies. In this experience, I had the opportunity to work for Texas Tech under one of my professors. The task that I was assigned with was to help with the transition of one online class system to another. Overall, there was a lot of work that had to be done in order to meet the specified deadlines. Personally, I was put in charge of creating two classes in the new format of Blackboard that the university was planning to switch to. With all of the work that had to be done for each class, the professor made specific students in charge of certain classes and then gave each person in charge a team of other students to help the leader with the class. As a team leader, I was responsible for delegating certain objectives out to the rest of the team, while also performing my own tasks. Each task had a concrete deadline to meet and it was crucial that I meet all set deadlines if I expected the rest of my team to meet their deadlines. This helped to hold everyone accountable because if one member of the team slacked, then it gave a bad look to the team as a whole. Furthermore, we had a peer review system put in place

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