Personal Statement : ' Do Not Tell Anyone '

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Four words keep replaying in my mind, “Do not tell anyone”. Shocked and confused, with tears stinging my face; I can barely see her sitting across the table. “Promise that you won’t tell anyone” she begged. “I promise Mom, I promise”. Overwhelmed with emotions that are churning through by body, I’ve realized I’ve just made a statement that I consequently, would grow to regret. Feeling as though I can barely breathe, and knowing that I will betray her, the decision is made. Every part of who I am knows that I must find him. Childhood was a happy time. Having had amazing parents who were my role models, they were the epitome of love. Frequently, I would catch the special moments of hand holding, kissing, hugging and laughing like…show more content…
Watching my sons play football, and compete in 4H brought him happiness that I had never seen before, and he was always happy. He had formed an unbreakable bond with my boys, acting as a guardian during times of lengthy deployments throughout my military career. Desiring to form that same close relationship with my daughter, he planted a plentiful garden that they would tend to and harvest together. As time went, on and as I watched his health decline, I knew that losing him was going to destroy a part of all of us. I had not, however, anticipate that after losing him, he would give me an amazing and unexpected gift. After retiring from the Air Force, I would spend my mornings with my mother, sitting at her kitchen nook, gazing at my father’s roses in the back yard. With the morning dew resting lightly on their petals, they were truly a sight to see. The breeze carried their scent through the windows, making it seem as though he was there with us. It had been two years since he passed but it seemed like only yesterday. His photos surrounded us as we laughed at his silliness, cried at his absence and asked why on a daily basis. Nothing but happy memories and admiration for him remained, and we claimed he was a saint, harboring a wild side and crazy sense of humor. It was on one of these mornings that my mother made a statement that would change our lives forever. “I suspect that your
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