Personal Statement: Economics In High School

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The most common obstacle for a busy high school student is how to spend and manage time so that they are doing what makes one best off. This seemingly fundamental concept is what I struggle with every day. So when I learned about economics, I was enthralled with the problem of scarcity. Hearing a lecture from an economist during a free period at school, I knew right away that I would be maximizing my utility by getting involved in this study. As I have ventured through high school, my economics community is one that I am proud to be a part of. I have been able to publish articles sent to over 8,000 Chicago teens on economic issues facing the world today and why they should be of importance to us. I have been able to publish in the Junior Economist, where I discuss what the future of leadership will look like for my generation. However my place in this community is not just through print, but through action as well.…show more content…
In one club, the Junior Economic Club of Chicago, I market to teens across Chicago and have recently increased membership to underrepresented, lower-income areas (where students do not even know economics is a subject, yet alone a subject that one can find interesting). My economics community, full of driven students who are passionate about economics and business, is one that I am proud of. We believe that with scarce resources and abundant passion, we can promote meaningful discussions about economic problems and support future leaders to make an impact in the economics and business
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