Personal Statement : Elementary School Essay

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It was 5:15 in the morning, and my mother had just finished giving birth to a healthy, 7 pound, baby girl—me. After I was born, my mother had to fend me off from dozens of nurses, who all wanted to hold me and take a look at me. Apparently, I was the only girl to have been born in that hospital that whole night/morning. However, I would have never guessed that this specific occurrence would have been an irony, of sorts, to my identity. My Time in Elementary School Despite being the only girl in that hospital to have been born that night/morning, I was a “tomboy” growing up. I was raised in a strict, private Catholic school, where all of the girls had to wear plaid dresses and all of the boys had to wear khaki shorts with tucked in dress shirts. So you could imagine how I felt, being a tomboy and all, wearing dresses to school every day. Not only did I hate having to wear this uniform to school, I also hated the fact that the other boys never took me seriously. Since I was a girl, they thought that I was not “good enough” to play soccer with them; they thought I was “too weak.” One time, one of the boys came up to me with his posse and asked me to compare arm muscles with him. I accepted the challenge and gladly showed him my arm muscles. Now, although I was a little girl, I was far from weak. I was a gymnast growing up and did a lot of strenuous muscle building activities. Despite all of this, however, he and his friends laughed at me, without really even looking at my arm
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