Personal Statement : Elon Musk

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Elon Musk Imagine a world where cars didn’t run on gas, where you live in a home and don’t have to pay an electric bill. How about on your next vacation you take a trip into outer space? All of this can soon be possible thanks to a visionary and ethical leader, Elon Musk. I will explain how his idealized influence, intellectual courage, inspirational motivation, are going to make things not just better for his businesses but for mankind. I will also highlight his ethical behaviors and leadership practices, and how he addresses ethical dilemmas to maintain ethically-minded organizations. His ethical and visionary practices have inspired me to emulate his traits in my military career, my own non-profit, and my career path after the…show more content…
Elon used Intellectual Stimulation to refine reusable materials and renewable energy. He saw that all modes of transportation are reusable, except rockets. On the website, he stated if he could figure out how to effectively reuse rockets the cost of access to space would be drastically reduced. It later became the first private company to dock a spacecraft with the International Space Station. During a Ted Talks interview Elon stated we require Sustainable production and consumption of electricity, we can’t rely on fossil fuels. This was his vision for creating a fully electric car, Tesla, and a SolarCity a solar system for homes and residences. Ethical Leader During interviews on Elon Musk’s “Work ethics, Principles, Attitude and Failure” and “10 tips for success” one of his strong ethical traits is his willingness to solicit feedback and perform self-analysis. He explains that “self-reflection is critical for success.” Additionally, he feels it is important to like what you do. His theory is if you really enjoy what you are doing it is easier to make sacrifices to make things better. Another key factor is to make failure an option where he says “if things are not failing, you’re not innovating enough” or as we heard discussed in the Command Chiefs panel, “not trying hard enough”. These behaviors show a culture of a commitment to success and excellence. An article on last June stated Elon
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