Do You Make Choices Essay

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In life you make choices. We choose to go in or out. We choose to get up or stay in bed. We choose to live or die. The choices you make can effect your life forever. No pressure right? Sometimes you can make the wrong choice. If this happens, it is your choice to learn from it, or keeping making the same mistake. An important aspect of life is being able to understand how someone is feeling. This is called emotional intelligence. When we understand our emotions and others. Being able to relate to people is a big job. We have to choose whether to try and put ourselves in the other persons shoes, or only see from our own perspective. This choice can determine if you are seeing the world in a selfish way or a beneficial way. Some things in life can be difficult. We are put under an extreme amount of pressure every day with being successful. An obstacle in my life that I will always remember is being Colonel of my Drill Team my senior year in high school. Since my freshman year my director had her eye on me. She could sense my ambition, determination, and maturity. The pressure was on the day I tried out. Then came the day of officially becoming colonel. This was a huge achievement for me considering I wasn 't sure if I was healthy enough to take this on. I knew this was a huge responsibility and I had a lot to face. My director had very high expectations for me from the very start. Things were rough for awhile. I was learning and my director was helping. We had a hard
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