Personal Statement: Experiences at Wayland Baptist University

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Personal Statement: WBU Looking back, I regard attending WBU one of my best lifetime decisions. Before I discuss my experiences at WBU, it would be prudent to first give a brief background of myself. To begin with, I have had the opportunity of serving my country in the military and in a way; this has largely shaped my personality and my outlook of life. In that regard, I have come to appreciate the value of life more than ever before. Further, the time I have served in the military has taught me that success is possible in any facet of life with the right attitude, determination and personal sacrifice. I chose to attend WBU for its insistence on the need to prepare well-educated individuals in a Christian environment. For me, undertaking my studies in such an institution would in addition to developing my moral character also enable me to become a highly productive professional in my chosen career. As a result of coursework completed at the university, I have experienced both academic and professional growth in a number of academic areas. In terms of personal growth, I am now a better communicator. Further, I now regard myself a better decision maker. On the other hand, I have also grown professionally as far as my understanding of management theory and practice is concerned. My understanding of organizational behavior has also been enhanced as a result of coursework completed at the university. In my opinion, WBU has very few weaknesses (if any) within its academic

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