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Ever since my childhood, I have found the topics dealing with computers and its applications highly interesting because of the unique properties they offer for almost any application we can think of. The extraordinary developments in this field, both in the hardware and in the software area, along with the rapid advances of communication technology as one of the most applied technologies in the modern world have stimulated my interest in both fields. Therefore I believe that joining the undergraduate degree on Computer, Networking and Communications Technology will help me have a systemic knowledge of the field and, thus, achieve one of the greatest dreams of my life.

I believe my years at high school have prepared me with the basic
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The emphasis of this degree meets my own interests of the areas I want to learn about and, later on, work on, such as computer programming, media design and development, hardware design solutions, network operation and communication systems. At achieving this degree, I aim to become a networking and computer communication practitioner and be able to design and implement safe network and computer communication systems.

My goals in academic perspective way is to Achieving Respectable a degree, not only undergraduate degree, I dream to have PHD degree in science which gives me a good opportunity in future, I think most of students have considered about what kind of jobs that they hope getting, for me, back to Saudi Arabia we have a major companies which Involved in this precisely area such as Aramco which consider as the one of the top companies that export oil and gas to the world, that they have developed in communications and it also provide an excellent jobs in salaries, bones and health Insurance, another company called Sabic which provide the same benefits. Also there is STC which is one of the most companies in communications and mobile services in Saudi Arabia, my goal in career and professional perspective way to get a job in one of these companies and I believe that I have to study hard and get a degree to achieve my
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