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Project management became relevant in my life long before I even understood its propensity. It began at age fourteen when I started a neighborhood club for kids with the ambitious mission to save the earth. To create the project, my first agenda item was to recruit new members. I carried this out by going door to door and explaining my cause to the neighbors and asking if they would allow their kids to join the club. I then hosted a first meeting in my parent’s garage and was able to form an inspiring group of 6 members. As the head of the club I developed our first undertaking, which was to ask our neighbors to donate their cans for the group to recycle. To do so, I asked every member to collect as many empty cans as they could and…show more content…
My years at CSUF were challenging and sometimes seen in the reflection of my course work outside the communications curriculum. I watched my grandmother, whom I was very close with, develop, suffer and pass on from cancer. My levels of maturity faltered causing me to lose focus, as I struggled to overcome my sense of loss and sorrow. However in time, I found new growth and began thinking about what my future means. With this revitalized perspective, I propelled forward in pursuit of opportunity. My senior year I won an internship opportunity at Foote Cone & Belding, a well known advertising agency, and found a home on the account services team. After graduation I was offered a full-time position and spent several years at the firm serving as liaison between the client and the agency, managing my peer’s progress against my client expectations. Given the nature of the business, and the high functionality and output of the firm, I found zeal with these “grown up” puzzles-- managing work orders, time-lines, status reports, preparing competitive analysis and budget tracking. As the years went by, my advertising career progressed with similar roles in smaller boutique firms until I found myself ready to move into a more program development role. I accepted a position at the Graduate School of Business, Stanford University over three years ago as a program coordinator for the GSB Executive Education programs. With a promotion to Senior Program Coordinator a year later,
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