Personal Statement

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It was a cold autumn night in North Carolina when I realized that my youth was being taken away from me. I wanted to run away and go back to the life that I had known; where I had the opportunity to go to school was happy and understood the language. Instead I was in a foreign land with my family and we could not return for there was no future in my homeland. According to my father, we had to keep migrating because it was the best thing for our family. It was then when I realized that this is not what I wanted for my family and I asked my father that we needed to go somewhere where I can go to school because it was affecting everybody including my little brother. My father raised me to believe I could accomplish anything I set my mind to…show more content…
This passion has animated many causes I have advocated through my work as Latino Community Outreach Student Coordinator for the Inter-American Program and my volunteer work with the White Roses Program. I’ve been able to help Latino youth in pursuing higher education and I’ve also seen students that cannot continue because they’re considered AB 540 and don’t have the financial assistance. I’ve been keynote speaker for conferences, scholarship ceremony and graduations trying to motivate other Latino youth to stay in school. I’ve seen immigrant families suffering because they have no idea what's going to happen with the immigration reforms. I’ve seen loved ones suffer from the effects of their migratory status. And I know I was one of them before, but thanks to my education background I was able to resolve my situation and I am Mexican-American now. During my undergraduate studies I wanted to travel so I can experience something diverse, so I decided to go abroad to Buenos Aires, Argentina. This experience not only allowed me to study with Argentineans, but I also had the opportunity to volunteer with a local journalist. This was the most rewarding experience during my time here; because not only did I travel with her but I also had the opportunity to connect with a lot of different people. With the assistance of the Journalist I decided to write an article for the newspaper, which was focused on immigration and racism issues in Argentina compared to the US.
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