Personal Statement : Family Dynamics

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There are 7 billion individuals in this world and all of them are unique because they are different. Everyone has different opinions, traits, perspectives, morals, rules, and stories, so where do they contrive these differences? I assume they formulate their ideas from personal experiences and how they were raised by their parents. Famous writer and professor, Alice McDermott shares that “Family dynamics are true over time, across generations and different cultures.” From this, we can gather that our sense of what is right and what is wrong does not just solely come from our parents, but from generations in our families. I believe that an individual’s Moral Absolute will be quite similar to their parents. In my case, I formulate my moral absolute’s from my parents. These moral absolutes include: not to steal, not to strike a woman, and not to cheat.

I am very thankful for growing up in a religious, hardworking home with a family that means the world to me. I believe that I was influenced to be the man I am today by my parents, and sisters. I never want to dishonor my family, and I believe that if I were to steal, I would be dishonoring my family. From a biblical point of view, the bible has divine rules and for this instance, it is one of the ten commandments, “Thou Shalt Not Steal.” The reason I follow the ten commandments is because of what Matthew 5:19 says, “Whoever therefore shall break one of these least commandments, shall be called the least in the kingdom of…

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