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There’s my father, two paternal uncles, two maternal uncles, five cousins, and two cousin’s husbands. I really meant it when I say I come from a family of physicians. Not to mention myself, three other cousins who are in medical school and my sister who started premed recently at FSU. However, I am proud to say that my choice of wanting to be a family medicine physician was based on my own experiences and did not actually occur to me until my last year of medical school. One of my Med school buddies nonchalantly mentioned to me during a casual conversation that family medicine was “the best” field and this is how I remember my interest in family medicine having started. Moving forward, as I considered the implications of a career in family medicine, I began to take into consideration the vast array of illnesses around me that I was naïve of before becoming a medical student. There is my father recently starting losartan for hypertension, my mother and sister’s migraines, my younger brother having eczema on his arms in connection to his asthma, my uncle’s rheumatoid arthritis, my aunt’s recent hepatitis infection, another brother’s Vitiligo of the foot, an aunt who recently had bilateral knee replacements due to osteoarthritis, and a younger cousin in Pakistan, where I hail from originally, who has a limp due to undiagnosed hip dysplasia. Then there is Pakistan’s polio vaccination deficiency, and my uncle who has polio of one leg, recently starting to use a wheelchair.

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