Personal Statement For A Computer Programmer

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My dream is to manipulate my own world into my vision of a “perfect world,” and be God. To create my perfect world without having to take over this one, I decided GAMES. In order to manipulate games, I knew I had to become a software/computer programmer. Software programmers do the following, “Write programs in a variety of computer languages, such as C++ and Java.” That’s not the only thing they do! They also, “Build and use computer-assisted software engineering (CASE) tools to automate the writing of some code,” which in turn, makes developing a video game easier. In a whole, this is what I want to do with my life, body and soul. “Create, modify, and test the code, forms, and script that allow computer applications to run.” Yeah, this is want I want to do’re confused on why I would chose this job. I’ll explain further. If my intro didn’t explain anything then this will! One reason why I like this job is because of the cash, money or as the business people say, income. I say this because,” Median wages (2014) : $37.28 hourly,$77,500 annually.” Another reason why I want this job is that it just...completes me.This means that it satisfies the Completion principle for me.“Achievement — Occupations that satisfy this work value are results oriented and allow employees to use their strongest abilities, giving them a feeling of accomplishment. Corresponding needs are Ability Utilization and Achievement.”.The last reason why I NEED this job is that it doesn’t require
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