Personal Statement For A Counselor

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The role of a counselor takes on many different forms, and it is a very important career, because it helps people make better life choices. The personal values we have, and also how we view the world, can help shape the type of counselor we will be. I will take a self-reflective view of what I hold dear, and also explain how my personal experiences have led me to chose a career in this particular helping profession. I will also describe the differences between the professional counseling, and other helping professions, such as social work for an example. I also will look at how accreditation, licensure, and certification, are important in defining what a counselor is, and does. When I first decided to become a counselor, I started to…show more content…
I want to become a therapist who places therapy as a place where the client is the center focused, and help them achieve better overall wellness. Secondly, I believe as the wellness model does, that you cannot try to just focus on the client 's symptoms, and current condition, but rather you take a look at everything, including their past. Then you will be able to get a better outlook on their lives, and then can help them make changes that can have a lasting effect. I also feel that, looking at clients in a developmental perspective is also something that is very important. If as professionals we can learn about the different stages of development, and how each person falls on those stages differently, then we can gain more perspective in the best way to help those clients. In addition, I feel it 's important that we learn everyone is different, and we should not treat someone the same in their development, as someone else who presents with similar developmental concerns. Working in crisis work, I seen first hand the importance prevention and early intervention, and how they could help turn around a client who is having a difficult time. I value helping clients avoid a situation that may make their current state worse. Therefore, I also value using prevention, and early intervention, when dealing with a client, especially with a client who is in a state of crisis. To be an effective counselor, I believe you need to
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