Personal Statement For A Counselor

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The role of a counselor takes on many different forms, and it is a very important career, because it helps people make better life choices. The personal values we have, and also how we view the world, can help shape the type of counselor we will be. I will take a self-reflective view of what I hold dear, and also explain how my personal experiences have led me to chose a career in this particular helping profession. I will also describe the differences between the professional counseling, and other helping professions, such as social work for an example. I also will look at how accreditation, licensure, and certification, are important in defining what a counselor is, and does.

When I first decided to become a counselor, I started to understand just how important accreditation is, I wanted to pick a program, where they had really solid accreditations, so that I could get the best learning experience, and become a more effective counselor. I feel that if a program has good accreditation, then the program will teach you the skills needed to become a counselor. The steps leading up to licensure, are a very important process. I firmly believe that if one can achieve all the steps required to gain licensure, then they will have a solid foundation to build off, when they become counselors. Gaining, and maintaining certification, shows that you have learned, and continue to learn, all that has to do with mental health counseling. Furthermore, it shows that you have show…
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