Personal Statement For A Group Of International Visitors From Saudi Arabia

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You are an employee within a company and are asked prepare a speech at your workplace on a topic of your choice for a group of international visitors from Saudi Arabia which would serve one of the following purposes: to inform, demonstrate, persuade, entertain or be ceremonial. As is the case for the topic of your speech, the choice is yours in terms of what the purpose of your speech will be but it is important to remember that the topic must pertain to some aspect of your company and its business; therefore, giving a speech about your love of ice cream sundaes for example, would not be appropriate. Also, you need to keep cultural sensitivities in mind regarding the content of your speech by paying attention to the themes of language, perception and ethnocentrism and how they relate to your Saudi Arabian visitors. Please feel free to consult the internet regarding Saudi Arabian culture and business practices. In written form, construct your speech according to the principles laid out in Chapter 10. Your speech should include the following: a thesis statement, key points, research that supports your thesis statement and main arguments, and concluding statements. The speech should be 2-3 pages in length, double-spaced. ++++++++++++++++++++= The following is a speech to inform our community of the friendship and intention to nourish the relationship between our Indigenous and Saudi Arabian peoples. Preface: Before you read the speech, I wanted to share with you some context

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