Personal Statement For A Leadership Standpoint

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From a leadership standpoint in order for a vision to be successful it must be simple, understandable, and beneficial for my staff. A vision must originate from both the leader and its followers, and it is the leaders job to articulate the vision. As a newly appointed manager my focus is to help my staff shift demographics to help serve diverse patient populations but also fix the work dynamic to work better as a team. Therefore, in order to ensure a more positive environment in my department several changes will be implemented to provide the best quality of care to my patients. The currently issue I must address is that my staff are encouraging other staff to not provide the best service possible to patients. My first strategic choice…show more content…
For example, we will brainstorm prior to and during meetings in order to develop alternative ideas in how to change the current dynamic amongst staff. Aside from meetings, quarterly managers and staff members will take anonymous surveys. The survey will help conduct the teams diagnosis to set the necessary steps needed to take action. The survey will help identify the strength and weaknesses of the team and help correct the highest-priority problem from the survey results and meeting discussions. Several studies have demonstrated that peers tend to follow what other peers do. Therefore, if my staff adapts to the new changes to make the department successful, then this can help change the behavior and culture amongst my staff. Moreover, staff must developed a sense of support amongst each other in order to adapt to the changes. This will lead staff to want to feel a sense of belonging and acceptance from their peers and management. It can be extremely difficult if a worker feels excluded from his/her team members. As a manager I will motivate workers by recognizing their efforts and providing excellent service to patients. They must learn to work efficiently and effectively as a team. Hence, everyone must share common objectives, overall goal. Furthermore, my staff members must change their negative attitudes towards patients. As the United States continues to grow as a diverse country, health care systems must focus more on providing cultural competent
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