Personal Statement For Civil Engineering

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Throughout my life, my career plans have evolved based on knowledge that I gain through my academic life. When I first started my college career, I had a vision to become a Civil Engineer. I was mainly focused on going into water quality because I found the prospect of providing clean water to people very significant. Also, this area of study is an application of some chemistry knowledge which is a subject I thoroughly enjoyed. While water management is very interesting, I am in the process of deciding which direction of civil engineering suits me most as a career option. I am also interested in going into structural engineering because it is interesting to analyze the structural components of buildings and other structures. Both of these fields of studies will lead to careers in which I will have to think about environmental issues constantly. Between weeks 1 and 7, I have learned about topics like climate change, resource depletion, limits to growth, and a possibility of a collapse of our industrialized civilization. Although I was aware of the existence of climate change before this class, I did not know that the degree to which it was occurring was so high. I did not believe that it was a very pressing issue until I attended Dr. McCall’s lecture in which I saw numerous visuals that highlighted the urgency of the issue of climate change. Climate change will have a monumental impact on everyone’s career going into the next decade. Personally, I will definitely have
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