Personal Statement For Civil Engineering

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My educational and career intentions include being successfully educated in the field of engineering. My mission is to pursue a professional engineering license, being able to flourish in whichever field I choose to go into. I aspire to have constant inspiration and acquirement of newly found knowledge in the job I am given outside of college. I have a passion for solving problems and discovering solutions. Receiving an outstanding and strong education in engineering will allow me to pursue and follow through with this passion. My grandfather was a Professional Civil Engineer who took me with him to various projects he was working on. He ignited my passion for civil engineering by showing me all the different aspects of engineering, the start up of projects, construction, to final roll outs and testings. I went with him on weekends as he had to check structural sites and bridges. It fascinated me. My grandfather motivated and inspired me "to work to the best of my ability and to keep my commitments." After, I obtain my civil engineering degree, I will strive to be like my grandfather who was a Professional Civil Engineer as the Superintendent of Streets and Sanitation for the City of Chicago. My grandfather has since passed. I loved my grandfather. Getting a civil engineering degree and professional license would not only make my dreams come true, but I know it would be honoring his legacy in the field of civil engineering. The area of civil engineering I am choosing to
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