Personal Statement For Civil Engineering

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It is my greatest honor to be a Boilermaker. When I graduated from high school and decided to study abroad, I did not hesitate choosing Purdue University as my first choice for its extraordinary reputation in quality of educating and academic researches. Indeed, the experiences in Lyles School of Civil Engineering of Purdue University was perfect: enjoying the safe campus, making new friends, taking great courses, meeting outstanding professors and participating a promising research. These will compete me, being the cornerstone of my career success. During these years, the curriculum of civil engineering was truly beneficial and constructed my entire knowledge of being a structural engineer: in CE474, Structural Analysis Ⅱ, I have been taught deeper to determine force equilibrium, moment, indeterminacy and deflection for a given structure using several methods, moment area, force method, virtual work method and MATLAB etc.; in CE473, Reinforced Concrete Design, I have learned how a concrete component should be reinforced, what the flexural and shear behaviors are, and how slabs and columns are supposed to be designed and in CE470, Steel Design, I have familiarized not only the correct use of AISC Code and SAP2000 software, but also the theoretical calculation in designing and checking typical steel components. Moreover, in order to explore further and wider in civil engineering as well as to enrich academic experiences, I had an internship at KanShe Architecture and
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