Personal Statement For Clinical Psychology

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I have always been thrilled by what goes around in people’s minds, but it was at the age of fifteen that I was first attracted to the field of psychology and particularly to clinical psychology. It was mainly because I read my favorite book When Nietzsche Wept by Irvin Yalom. This novel had a personal impact on me, as someone I know was dealing with depression, migraines, insecurities and suicidal tendencies same as happens so in the book’s characters. Wanting to see in real life all the knowledge I gained from my courses at the University of West of Engand after I graduated with a Bsc in Psychology , I decided to work voluntarily at a rehabilitation center (ELEPAP) for children with disabilities. I built strong and positive relationships with all of my colleagues…show more content…
The aim of the study is to examine the effects of a cognitive remediation program on schizophrenia symptoms. As more than a hundred people with schizophrenia have participated, I had the opportunity to apply to them the cognitive remediation program which was developed in our Unit as well as all the appropriate clinical and cognitive evaluation tests mentioned in my CV. Participating in this research has been a rewarding experience as it gave me the knowledge, skills and confidence to explore the field of clinical psychology. Moreover, it has given me a better perception of what goes into research, enable me to write and speak on an academic level and increased my confidence in pursuing my goals. Working at the hospital I had the opportunity to interact and collaborate with health care professionals always showed support and interest in me as well as my efforts. My goal was to enhance my educational background through this study, but what I gained surpassed my expectations. I was able to see not only the result of my hard work but also why it
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