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Financial Need Statement
From taking my first steps at the age of 8 months old, to walking alone to a friend’s house at 3(kids don’t try this at home), followed by cooking dinners autonomously at 10 years old, my life has accumulated to a series of beautiful memories that my father has meticulously sculpted to raise me as an independent young lady. He taught me the virtues of such self governing and the beauty of freedom that such a gift dons. Every day I strive to honor such teachings. It is no wonder that these lessons have led me to strive to pay for college by myself.
I don’t have to pay. I know that… but I want to.
My father and my mother work very hard at what they do. Since I can remember they have been saving for my college education. They have put away every penny for the life they dreamed that I would have. It
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In one of the best schools in the state, I worked to be ranked in the top 3%. In one of the toughest regions in the country, I fought to become the 3rd best figure skater in the region. In such a world, I strove to find passion after passion to aid me in the journey to college. I got a minimum wage job and save every penny I can for such expenses. I have applied to so many scholarships my fingers have grown weary of keyboards. I am working for this. And I pray that the hard work I have put in will come full circle. If I can’t afford school this year I will take a year off to work even harder. I will find a job as an AuPair or go intern with an NGO such as GIV. This will help my education to further, my resume to grow, and my savings to augment.
I am going to college. I know that but I will go on my terms paying my own way. I want to have responsibility for my education and my future. I want my mom to have every resource at her side to get better. I want my dad to have the money to escape his current inferno to sail to his paradise. Most importantly I want to be independent because I want to earn my
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