Personal Statement For Dentistry

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I am a naturally driven individual. I have always had an instinctual curiosity about the world around us. My mother and father, who were both raised in rural Poland, showed me hard work and commitment is the only way to find success in life. My mother came overseas alone to support her family in Poland after her father passed, and my father came to the United States after living and working on his parent’s farm for ten years. My parents arrived in this country with next-to-nothing, and fought tooth and nail to build a life and family. It is only through their perseverance that I was able to live a healthy, happy, and fulfilling childhood. As a result of having such incredibly strong role models, I have become a motivated, thoughtful, independent young woman. I may not have the personal connections and family influence in the field as some other applicants, but that does not dilute my passion to pursue a career in dentistry. My self-reliance has proved to me that I can do anything I put my mind to, no matter who or what may stand in my way, and my parents taught me that. It goes to show that even though I am working towards this career on my own, since I do not have family or friends in dentistry to advise me, I am still just as dedicated to my academic and extracurricular activities in the hopes of growing into a well-rounded woman and dentist. Upon recollecting what convinced me to pursue dentistry, I can pinpoint it to one specific experience. I realized that I wanted

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