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Author Statement for Drive Wild I created “Drive Wild” to advertise the 2016 Ford Focus Electric. I took into consideration lighting, media type, audience, color, imagery, composition, and text in an attempt to promote potential consumers to buy the vehicle. I also kept in mind the common theme of the environment that most electric vehicle advertisements use to persuade the consumers while creating my advertisement. I created “Drive Wild” with the use of Photoshop. I knew the program would help me achieve my desired look because of the variety of functions it offers over Microsoft Word. I used Photoshop’s capabilities of photo manipulation to integrate multiple images to create my own single image in an attempt to persuade viewers to invest in a Ford Focus Electric. Making the single images seem like they belonged together within the composition proved to be challenging. However, it was necessary in order to get the look I desired. One of the toughest part about getting the look I desired, besides making it look like one image, was the lighting. I knew without proper lighting to integrate the single images into a unified whole the advertisement would look fake and cheap. I wanted to avoid the advertisement looking like this because of the low quality advertisements suggest a low quality product. Cheap looking advertisements reduce the Ethos, which I wanted to avoid. Advertisements are based on the visual aspects and without visual interest the ad is less persuasive to the

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