Personal Statement For Early Childhood Education

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“Why am I here?” In May, this past year, I was offered a Teaching position at our local Head Start. I was hired contingent on returning to school to obtain my Bachelor’s Degree in the field of my choice (Human Development), but related to Early Childhood Education. It has always been a personal goal of mine to teach a class of my own. Having a job already secured, returning to school seemed to be an added bonus in allowing me to further my career therefor has become my prime motivation.
“What do I want to gain from College?” I hope to gain a better understanding of human development, primarily focusing on the adolescent age, so that I can apply that knowledge in the workplace. I currently have my Associates Degree in Early Childhood Education and would like to continue to discover innovative ways to incorporate what I have learned into the classroom.
“What goals have I set for myself?” It is my hope that by obtaining my degree that I will not only meet the requirement of my work, but to supersede it. Although my position was contingent upon returning to school I would like to continue my education to advance myself as far into the Early Childhood Education field as possible.
“Why did I come to College?” Although I am returning to school later in life than most traditional college students I hope to demonstrate the value and importance to my children. Not having the proper education prohibits growth personally as well as professionally. I hope that as my children
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