Personal Statement For Electrical Engineering

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Personal Statement: Twenty years of education have brought me a deep appreciation for the study of the Power systems, Controls systems and Telecommunication. When the time came to specialize, my decision to major in Electrical Power Engineering was motivated by the hope of achieving a strong opportunity of creativity, research, and development. Electrical Engineering, with its myriad sub-domains and multi-faceted nature is a natural amalgamation that allows me to express my creativity and innovative power to bring about works that offer benefits to society. The tools and aims may be different, but designing and developing software/hardware or devising a novel mathematical proof is relatable to the work of artists in their shared spirit of creating. I view my decision to study Electrical Engineering as a natural means of fulfilling my need to create since it equips me with tools for the job: the ability to devise, test and evaluate Power systems and the programming knowledge required to implement them. A natural avenue for me to utilize my creative bent was the field of entrepreneurship. In the year prior to joining my…show more content…
Although, it is invisible but it is something real and substantial. As a power engineer, I’ll be helping to guarantee electricity supply to keep businesses and households going – allowing everyone to do what they have to do and importantly, do what they want to do. Power Engineers help to shape the future. Clean energy sources, smart grid, energy efficiency and electric vehicles are some of the promising areas that depend on new technology designed by power and energy engineers. Pursuing my interest, I have also worked in Goldwind Co. Ltd, where I designed algorithms for the fault detection in wind turbines, which was verified by the company and is installed in a big wind farm near
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