Personal Statement For Electronic And Communication Engineering

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I have pursued my education so far in Electronic & Communication Engineering. Since Electronic & Communication Engineering has both electronics and computer subjects I had an opportunity to get to know about hardware and software. Computers and their applications interest me. Whatever I did on the academic and professional front, it carried a flavor of Computers all through. I feel proficiency in Computers is only the remaining thing that has been left out in my journey with areas of study so far. So this stands out as the obvious choice for me now to indulging totally in Computers. Since I’m working as an software engineer teaching and figuring out a new solution in computers application intersect me, but that interest does not stop on computers development applications. It extends to begin a research on Artificial Intelligence. I have always been very strong in the area of computers and Electrical. From hardware to software I have natural inclination to understanding and scripting for the computers applications.
To justify my eligibility to get into your respected university, I’d like to produce my academic details and relevant experience, which speak for themselves of my ever-consistent proficiency and performance. Starting from my high school I implemented science projects, which is considered as a fairly impressive to do it more on it, secure 81.33% and continued the intersect even I entered my 12th and cleared it in the year 2008 with 86.1% which clearly elucidates my
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