Personal Statement For MS In Pharmacology

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MS in Pharmacology has always been my interest and my previous job in the Seven Hills Hospital as a Pharmacy Auditor / Billing executivehelped me learn a lot. It helped me to recognize the current scenario and analyze which disease has the highest ratio in a specific section of people. It helped me deal with medications that are prescribed and comprehend the complications associated with treatment and drugs administered to patients. I had carried out several studies for the hospital to estimate the number of patients admitted to the hospital and the diseases they suffer from, this helped me quantify the estimates and build a trend across the patients and diseases. My B.Pharm course imparted skills that have helped me play important role in development of new drugs, helped learn evaluation in clinical settings and development, study the approval of drugs for human consumption, manufacture distribution and regulatory controls over pharmaceutical production process and several other important aspects of healthcare. This has helped me develop skills important to know and analyze drugs, its components and administration. I have completed a project on understanding the statistics of patients and their health issues in the patients based on last one year’s health records. Being a…show more content…
I have learnt to be generous and kind to the neglected strata and how to help them. Through them and the service they do I understand the life and issues of people living in slums deprived of quality health care facilities. I believe that my interest in Pharmacology stems out of the experiences I have had through my parents who have worked hard for these communities and my objective in life is to extend my service to people like they do now through my education and the professional life I choose to be in time to

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