Personal Statement For Marine Biology

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Personal Statement

Education has always been an important foundation upon which my family encouraged the most. Not just the education pertaining to structured schooling, but the fundamentals in life that require you to interact in society and be a part of something bigger than yourself. They demonstrated how to commit to values such as responsibility, motivation, and consistency; and, how to be open-minded and passionate about the things you believe in. These things all required a sacrifice in various ways. They always stress how “sometimes you need to give up something to get ahead, or how sometimes sacrificing the familiar and what you expect from yourself to get the results that you are seeking in the long run.”

The dream of having majored in marine biology is one thing, but to get to have a marine biology degree is a fifth grader’s dream come true. The environment is heading in a rough direction. For example, ocean acidification is already a problem. The decrease in pH of our ocean acidity is causing coral reefs to die out—which houses thousands of organisms’ homes and food sources. Due to the contaminants, we release into the natural environment, we are slowly losing ecosystems every day. Therefore, I want to be the researcher to help save the oceanic life from these horrible conditions. Also, the career of marine biology can take a person anywhere, from the coasts of the Bahamas all the way to the depths of the Arctic Ocean. This provides the advantage
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