Personal Statement For Molecular Biology

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Biology is the science that studies the nature of life. Unlike others, biology is the closest branch of science to the human way of life. Biology has many specific areas of focus, for example, ecology, entomology, physiology, and molecular biology. In the past, molecular biology was ignored in many laboratories because it requires expensive tools. Until the instruments become cheaper and the chemicals become more affordable, the importance of molecular biology will not rise. In studying entomology and ecology, we can use molecular techniques to help identify the sample. In physiology, we use molecular techniques to track down chemical compounds in the laboratory. These wide varieties of applications of molecular biology is an important reason…show more content…
I chose to study biotechnology because the subject is more specific and met my personal interests. Moreover, the importance in biotechnology has been targeted by the Thailand’s biotechnology policy framework to sustainably develop the country. Studying biotechnology is also a great opportunity to extend my understanding of advance molecular technology and the idea of its applications. Then, from thousands of the candidates, I was selected by Thailand’s Ministry of Science and Technology to receive a scholarship to study abroad and return to work as a biotechnology patent examiner. This is like a dream come true for me. It fulfills my desire to develop my experiences and skills by joining a world class university course. My knowledge is beneficial to the development of my country. Having our own patent expert could encourage our local researchers to develop new inventions. Thais could discern the value of their own intellect and respect the rights of others if the patent system in Thailand is reliable from an international point of view. The nation’s market cap would also be extended. The gross domestic income would be increased and the quality of life would be better than
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