Personal Statement For Nursing Leadership

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Advocate and Nursing Leadership
Throughout our nursing careers we have come into a situation where we needed to advocate for our patient or co-worker. It takes leadership skills, respect, and accountability to advocate in our workplace. Moreover, in order to create change one must first evaluate the issue then set goals to implement the plan. The purpose of this paper is to discuss my weaknesses and strengths to nursing, use of current leadership skills to advocate change in the workplace, and reflection on personal goal for leadership growth and development of implementation plan to reach goal.
Weaknesses and Strengths to Nursing
Within my nursing practice I have my own weaknesses and strengths to personal and professional accountability, career planning, personal journey disciplines, and reflective practice reference behaviors. For instance, with my personal and professional accountability I have held myself accountable for anything I did not properly accomplish or did wrong. With every decision I have made in my personal life I knew if the wrong decision was made, I would have to face the consequence for it. Being that as it may I have tried my best in life to do what is right and hold myself accountable to my own actions. Moreover, through the commitment of my daily tasks I was able to demonstrate accountability. Although this may be true my weakness have been being a thorough and detailed individual with my given tasks at work.
In the matter of my professional
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