Personal Statement For Public Service

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A career in public service appeals to me because I believe it is my duty as a citizen to give back to the country that has given much to me. Working in public service, like John F. Kennedy stated is about asking what can you do for your country, rather than what your country can do for you. Therefore, working in public service at the Agency implies I can protect my fellow citizens, ensure that families do not have to worry about the threat of terrorism, and give back to my community for all the opportunities that I have had the privilege to experience. Working in public service means I can use my skills and connections to make sure that our nation and its citizens are safe from all enemies foreign and domestic. Additionally, I wish to serve in the Directorate of Operations because it will allow me to develop advanced interpersonal skills, work with team members as well as individually to provide intelligence to keeping families safe. Serving as a Directorate of Operations will give me the opportunity to help and ensure that future have the chance to have to attain an education and a better life without having to fear being attacks such as 911 by foreign enemies and provides a challenge where I am to be tested both mentally and physically to taking the necessary means to ensure that missions are accomplished, lives are saved, and enemies defeated. Furthermore, I desire to become an attorney specializing in several areas such as criminal defense, civil litigation and work as
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