Personal Statement For Sop For Civil Engineering

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Personal Statement
Shyamsunder Agrawal

I identify with Robert Heinlein when he states that “One man's 'magic' is another man's engineering. ‘Supernatural’ is a null word”. I believe engineering is a way to solve many of the issues our world is facing right now. India is one of the fastest developing countries in the world and is in dire need of affordable & sustainable housing and infrastructure. This has led to various research and development works thus creating great opportunities for civil engineers. Inspired by my interest in curbing the aforesaid problem, I plan to take up Civil Engineering as my subject for Master Program at your university. Thus the knowledge I aspire to attain from MS program where I specialize in the areas of construction engineering and management will help me to lay foundation of my entrepreneurial venture that I wish to set up in my country. I envision myself leading my own consulting venture where I help cities build sustainable and environmental friendly, yet affordable infrastructure.

Since childhood, I was infected with curiosity. I was fascinated by the way things work, from dismantling and maintaining my own bike to modeling a lift
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This will help me in my career aspiration to work on assignments where I can contribute to making infrastructure which is environmental friendly and affordable. I feel that my contribution to community service shouldn’t be restricted to regular blood donations, running for cause and charity work. I want to build things that thousands of people are going to use and love. Things, which will assist them- knowingly or unknowingly, and it will be honorable for me to be involved in the creation of such a new intellectual

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