Personal Statement For Student Protection Online

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Online Relationships is a relationship with any person (known or unknown) that occur using an electronic device & internet. To communicate other than direct face to face communication. Positives: Instant Communication: (Fast Mode) • With friends & family Safety: • Parents are able to contact children in an emergency • Avoid getting lost ( use google maps) Feel connected & avoid feeling Lonely Negative: Bulling: • Say or send mean and rude messages • Spread Rumours online • Post Personal photos of others who told you not to • Threaten others • Trying to stop others from talking or communicating with someone Miss Communication: • Get wrong message or idea • Tone, Emotion & Sarcasm • Could lead to arguments and fights Can Develop wrong writing skills (Slang) 1. Policy for student protection online : • No student is able to put or post their full name, phone number, email address and the city or town they live in online. • Never make or put up a fake profile online only if the people you are contact with know who you are online. • Information cannot be forward or displayed online to others unless you have permission from the sender. • Sites that staff and other members don’t want students accessing should be blocked. • Always create a secure, strong password. Always have a different password for ………(different things) • Students shouldn’t open messages from people they don’t know. The reason I wrote the first point was because based of the data from September
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