Personal Statement For Study Medicine

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1. Briefly describe the one clinical experience you have had that has most significantly influenced your decision to study medicine. Do not replicate your AMCAS personal statement.
“No! Stop! That makes the pain worse. Have you found a doctor yet?” In the waiting room of a crowded and noisy hospital in China, the sound of English easily stood out. Shifting my eyes towards where the voices came from, I saw a young couple. She was clenching her stomach in pain and he was frantically looking around. As I approached the couple and introduced myself in English and the relief on their faces was palpable. Annie and John were on their honeymoon. The night before, Annie suddenly felt a dull pain in her stomach and began throwing up.When the pain didn’t go away, they rushed to the hospital in the morning and have been waiting for hours. All the nurses they had spoken with simply dismissed it as stomach flu. With Annie running a fever and her pain getting worse by the minute, I was worried that it might be something more serious. As I watched Annie traced how her pain shifted, from her navel to her right abdomen, it suddenly hit me that her symptoms resemble that of appendicitis. I was far from certain, but I knew she needed to see a physician right away. Unable to convince the emergency room nurses to admit Annie, I made the decision to find a physician instead. As a volunteer at the hospital, I had access to the surgical wing where I quickly track down the gastrointestinal surgeon…
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