Personal Statement For Success And Student Performance

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Parents need to be informed and know what is occurring in their children’s schools. There should be no surprises. I would want to conduct pre and post surveys to determine how parents want communication and how we can better serve their needs. Leadership Renewal – I believe it lifelong learning and self-improvement. As a teacher, I evaluate each lesson for success and review student performance to determine how I could have presented information differently. As a future administrator, I know I cannot hope challenge students and staff to improve unless I am continuously looking for new strategies and ideas. Part of my strategy to continually improve is set annual goals for myself. I would set personal and professional goals for…show more content…
Among these functions, administrators should have strong budgetary skills, legal proficiency, facilities knowledge, and human resource familiarity. As an administrator, I would work with the district office to understand my buildings budget and use it effectively. I would monitor activity transactions and assist those staff members who have budgetary oversight. At the secondary level, a plethora of money crosses the bookkeeper’s desk for activities and athletics. I would monitor reports for irregularities and ask questions when warranted. I would involve the school resource officer when necessary regarding individual situations. When merited, I would also involve the human resource department in employee issues. It is a good idea to error on the side of safety and document conversations and take notes. There are several other areas where administrators need to build strong relationships. Having a solid rapport with the secretarial, facilities, janitorial, and food service staff is critical for the success of a school. Regardless of the size of these departments, the administrator will interface with them on a regular basis and need to make decision in their wheelhouse. As an administrator, I would want these people to know I valued their expertise and appreciated their dedication to our school. I would check in with them frequently and ask questions about how I could make their jobs easier.
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