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Franklin Livingston’s Personal Statement for Tisch School of the Arts I am a Pakistan-born United States resident. I lived in Pakistan until 2009 and worked as an elementary, middle and high school music and fine arts teacher as well as an actor, dancer and singer. I had no opportunity to be formally trained in acting and singing. I learned to sing, dance and act from private tutors. However, I 've always desired to be trained at a world class acting school. I grew up in an artistic family. My parents were singers and musicians. I began acting in shows during elementary school. As an adult, I acted in community and regional theaters. I performed in Urdu and Punjabi languages. I grew up in culturally diverse household and community. This helped me go through different personal and societal experiences and enabled me to live out my own and other people 's stories through my acting. Also, my collaborative nature, strong sense of imagination and interest in poetry, literature, politics, public affairs and human experience has helped me play many roles effectively. After the tragedy of September 11, northern Pakistan moved toward religious radicalism. There was upheaval and growing opposition to singing, dancing and acting. Therefore, when I finally obtained a visa, I moved to the U.S. to follow my passion for acting and theater and to make it my lifetime career. Upon my arrival in the U.S., I faced a cultural shock. Although I grew up speaking English, I discovered that

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