Personal Statement: From Med School To Law School

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From Med school to law school — Personal statement

I decided to pursue a career in medicine when I was an adolescent. I scheduled a science-heavy course load in high school. Pursued a degree in Honours Biological Sciences. Shadowed a physician for two months. Graduated with distinction. Applied to medical schools and received my acceptance. My academic and professional career was already planned at the ripe age of fourteen. As the years progressed, my passion and interest in medicine waned. I was left feeling deeply unfulfilled. The career I was pursuing had ceased to be reflective of my interests. I struggled to procure the enthusiasm to apply to medical school, putting it off until I was in my final year of university. Every time I broached
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The subject of law always fascinated me. Unlike medicine, the practicalities of the subject do not dampen my passion for the subject but rather fuel it. Law is engaging because it requires constant adapting and analyzing. With every case comes a unique set of issues. The challenge of having to work within the bounds of the law while also planning a compelling and forceful case for a client is thrilling. Every word holds tremendous power in law. Practicing law requires eloquence. Anecdotal stories are the hallmark of the best lawyers. There exists no third person perspective in law. I admire how good lawyers can form a message that appeals to people’s emotions and reason. I relish the opportunity to study every minute detail of law and become a practicing lawyer because of all the ways it would challenge me. My keen interest and aptitude for the legal profession first developed through my involvement in numerous conferences both in Canada and the USA. As the sole representative for Windsor, Ontario in the Rotary Adventures in Citizenship conference in Ottawa, I had the valuable experience of learning the inner workings of Canadian democratic institutions from political leaders and senior officials, such as the Governor-general of Canada. Group discussions with the Speaker enabled me to gain an even greater appreciation for the core democratic values of…show more content…
The solid set of skills I have amassed through my volunteer, professional and academic career all have equipped me with the drive, work ethic, and capability to succeed in law school. I wholeheartedly believe that the University of Windsor, with its unique focus on research, providing a broader perspective on the legal process and theory, is the school that I can meet my full potential. And more importantly, the legal education offered at the University of Windsor will prepare me to fully and effectively act as both an advocate and advisor to any client or entity I go on to
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