Personal Statement: Future Health Professionals

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My interest in Health Sciences started in 2013, my freshman year at Health Sciences High and Middle College (HSHMC). Prior to high school, I wasn’t sure what my passion is life was and every time someone would ask “What do you want to do when you grow up?” it was followed with a bow of the head and a shoulder shrug. As I moved into high school, I was offered an internship at SHARP Memorial Hospital and I decided that if I wanted to go into healthcare I would only know if I tried. My second internship at SHARP Mary Birch really started my love for health care and was the spark of a future career that I would make me smile when answering the aforementioned question. Health Occupations Students of America: Future Health Professionals has helped me work toward my goal in more ways than one.
When I first joined HOSA, I was a sophomore and I decided to work in a group with four other students. The only event that would allow for so my competitors was the Public Health event which included a speech on a pre-decided topic paired with a creative component. As I had never had to compete against other people in an educational and informational setting, I
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Efficiently and effectively making a presentation that has thoroughly informed the public was not an easy task with so may people in a group. My HOSA experience has taught me that there are always hardships when working in groups but there is always a natural flow that can only help you reach your outcome. Setting a task for every member of the group to do is very challenging, especially during the final stages of the project but keeping a positive attitude and making sure I communicate with others is the only way get the project done. This experience will help me when doing projects through college and when working with others to develop new and affordable prosthetics in my future
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