Personal Statement : ' God ' And ' My Brothers '

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Kaitlynn Faith, In just a few short days, you will be welcomed into this world with so many open arms and I am so eager to meet you! I can 't express to you how much excitement has built over the past few months since we knew you would arrive. You have so many people waiting to smother you with love and affection, and I want you to know how blessed you truly are. Just to give you a little heads up, you 're coming into a pretty big family. My mom married your dad, and he brought me two new brothers to add to the sister I already had. So in total, there is six of us, and you make number seven! Let me tell you, I don 't think you could have been born into a more perfect family. Your brothers are awesome, one is 16 and the other is 12- Graham and Blake. They 're gonna be the best (typical) big brothers, I know they 'll look out for you and teach you everything you 'll ever need to know about the outdoors and sports- especially baseball. They are both sweethearts, and will protect and love you as you grow up with them. I 'm sure at first they were a little skeptical about having another girl in the house, but as soon as they lay eyes on you I know you 'll have a soft spot in their hearts forever. Brooke is your other sister, she 's 16 years old too- just like Graham. Now, even though she tries hard not to show any emotion to anyone, she has such a soft spot for babies and little kids. I can tell she is so excited to meet and love you, and is going to try her hardest to be

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