Personal Statement : Hanging Out With The Wrong Crowd

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Hanging out with the wrong crowd leads to unintended consequences. It does not matter how smart I am, if the people around me are not smart then I will be judged the same as them. An individual’s own self-importance is overlooked when the whole crowd is involved. That is the lesson that I learned this summer. I obtained the knowledge of the importance of personal responsibility as to who I surround myself with. I did not realize the importance of having privileges’ until I lost them. I learned that good friendships are a privilege, that hanging out with the wrong crowd leads to nothing but trouble, and that their trouble will lead to my privileges being revoked. The lesson that I learned was to be more responsible about my choices and the people that I surround myself with. I did not appreciate the privilege I had to hang out with my best friend every day until the day we both got grounded. My best friend and I are both intelligent people, but we made the wrong choice of hanging out with an unintelligent crowd. When I was tempted by the wrong crowd to make a risky choice of sneaking out, I simply did not realize the trouble that could follow. It wasn’t my best friend that made the choice to sneak out, it was me. However, she did it with me as we did not do anything without each other. We could have stayed at her house and made the right choice, but we didn’t and we learned our lesson. That wrong choice resulted in the unintended consequence of losing the privilege to see
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