Personal Statement : Health And Wellness

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What if as a society we began to focus more on preventing chronic disease rather than treating them after onset? This is the question that has driven my interest in public health. I began my undergraduate career as a Viticulture and Enology major. I loved the idea of spending my days in a vineyard, nurturing grapes to maturity and then creating a final product that was entirely different from its humble beginning. It wasn’t until I was working in a lab at a winery that I realized winemaking was not for me. Although I loved the science involved, the career did not align with my social and environmental values. I was passionate about health and wellness, so the social issues of making a product that is abused by millions of people worldwide was not something I could live with. I began feverishly researching careers that would align with my interests in science and helping people. There are many ways to help people so I forced myself to think critically about what was important to me and what ways I wanted to make a difference. Deep down, I knew my biggest desire was to help as many people as possible rather than treating individuals on a case-by-case basis. Once I was able to answer that question, It became abundantly apparent that Public Health was the field I needed to pursue. My first true introduction to Public Health came in an Epidemiology class I took my junior year at Portland State University. In taking this class, it became apparent to me that chronic diseases are
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