Personal Statement : Health Coaching Essay

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In the beginning of this course I gained an understanding of what health coaching is and the importance to have health coaching skills in any given profession. Health coaching is a partnership to add support and guidance to create a vision/goal and turn it into a reality. I understand a coaching session takes practice to master, it’s not that simple to help clients. Learning the practice of health coaching has showed me to stay away from the expert mode to allow the client to become an autonomous expert. As described in our textbook, coaching is similar to delivering a baby, the coach isn’t going to have the baby, but the client is the one giving birth. This similarity describes the coach to add support and help the client with the end goal. As a coach we address their desires, feelings, reflections, energy, and needs to generate moments that build into greater things. In order to address all of these different areas the foundation needs to be set, that is the coaching presence. I learned a coach needs to be flexible, present, confident, open, and seek new ways of change. The coach “being” is used to create and establish a partnership were the client reflects the coach’s presence in his or her process. Jordan and Livingstone (2013) explain the importance of the client and coach relationship, they described it as a tool of therapy needed for goal attainment. During my health coaching experience, I used this tool of therapy by applying motivational interviewing,

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