Personal Statement : Health Field

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The reason I wanted to be involved in the health field is because I wanted to pursue a career that gives back to other people the blessings that I received when I first entered this world. I was born prematurely and my mother often reminds me that it was the dedicated hard work of the physicians, nurses, and other health-care workers who saved my life when I was born. Throughout my life, this has always been an inspiration and motivation for me to help others. Having a profession in the health field should not be treated as just a career to earn a salary or a paycheck, but as a career where you will be helping to make the world a little healthier and better.
My philosophy is that individuals in healthcare have a responsibility for the community to provide safe, rounded, patient care. Never go with the assumption that you know what going on with the patient and recognize that not every patient you deal with is the same. In order to fight against assumption, we must challenge our own assumptions about what is normal to us and what is normal for the patient. As a healthcare provider, we should work to foster a wide-ranging environment that recognizes the supports and cares for all, regardless of someone’s race, gender, ethnicity, beliefs, age, sexual orientation or disability, because a comprehensive setting can enhance and improve the quality of healthcare for all patients. I must understand that the patients are not just a number, but are people that deserve and are entitled
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